April 29, 2011

The Call of Love

Beloved One,
For how long have you wandered in darkness?
Searched in mountains and valleys
For a love that knows no death?

For how many years have you heard the call?
Piercing the noise of your city,
Calling you back to the home of your eternal love?

How much longer, dear soul, can you resist
A devotion that will never end?
And the hymn that hums in the air you breathe?

Will you rise from your sleep, at all hours of night,
Float from your bed, and be with me under moonlight?
Or will you steal away from the world, at the start of day,
and come to me with the rays of the morning sun?

Can the sound of our love, which echoes in the infinite
Ever know a beginning or a final consummation?
Or are we just dancing, circling each other for eternity?

There is a haziness of the air, and a slowness to the ear
That delays the call of love, which resounds in eternal void.
In this, there is grace, for time alone divides you and our love.